Island Getaway Ideas – A Proposal to the Husband

My husband and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary this October. Can you imagine that? 12 long years and we haven’t killed each other yet! That’s quite a feat, isn’t it? Want to know our secret? Patience raised to the 100th power. That and I try to remember that I would not be able to survive raising our offspring alone. They are too much to handle! 😀

Like with many of our wedding anniversaries in the past, we do our best to celebrate in the cheapest way possible because No.1 we are cheap people, No. 2… Well, there’s no number 2. We are basically cheap people. Kids are expensive!

The last trip we took as a couple was way back in 2012, we went to Boracay Island for an early anniversary getaway. Last year, we just went to a beautiful resort a couple of hours away from Cebu but that wasn’t really a couple’s getaway because my husband decided at the last minute that he could not, just could not bear enjoying the amenities at the resort while the kids are just at home (how can you not love this guy?). So we dragged our kids along.

This year, I am hoping that we can go on an island getaway again. You all know my obsession about Bali, right? I am still unsure if we can make that happen this year but one can hope!

My husband isn’t that good when it comes to planning and deciding what to do on special occasions so I thought of helping him out by making a proposal so that all he needs to do is to pick one!

Wanna read it? I know you do!

Island Getaway Ideas - A Proposal to the Husband

Dear Mister V,

With the pressure of coming up with wedding anniversary ideas that’s building on your shoulders, do not hesitate to take the leap from traditional beer nights and Pokémon hunting adventures to celebrate our day.

The below mentioned recommendations for island getaway ideas were carefully thought of and all have maximum potential when it comes to couple engagement, Instagrammable photos and blog worthy experiences. Kindly go over them and consider.

Book a hotel  for us in Bali, Indonesia. It has always been my dream to watch the sunset from Melasti Beach because why not? I also dream of sun bathing naked in Seminyak but for your sake, I can forego stripping as long as I get to see this glorious place.

Island Getaway Ideas - A Proposal to the Husband - Bali

If you want to keep it local, we can always go back to Boracay Island because Traveloka is offering up to 60% discount if you book our accommodations between today and the 28th. We were not able to cross jumping off from the cliffs of Ariel’s Point off our bucket list last time; we can do that this year if you wish.

Island Getaway Ideas - A Proposal to the Husband - Boracay

We can go glamping at Sumilon Island or Terra Manna. They say glamping is for the weak but I say glamping is for smart folks who want to enjoy the outdoors without being devoured by elephant-sized mosquitos and the wild life. We can even bring the kids along because I know they would love it!

How about we head south and celebrate somewhere in Camiguin Island. We can consume ridiculous amount of Pastel bread while we wade in one of the hot springs over there.

Island Getaway Ideas - A Proposal to the Husband - Camiguin

These, my dear husband are my recommended island adventures for our wedding anniversary.

I would be grateful if you helped in making this possible. According to the interwebs, In the US, the average length of marriage is 8.2 years, we are way beyond that number and I am hoping that you would agree that it is indeed right that we celebrate our 12 years in marriage in an utterly exciting and worth remembering way. This event will be broadcasted internationally via snapchat and Instagram stories with a potential of 5 viewers which already includes your mother and my mother.

Please know that I am amenable to discussing other options as long as your ideas require very little to no packing, easy access to wine and beer and do not require cooking and cleaning. I am also open to celebrating our anniversary at home as long as you can guarantee that there will be no children crying within a 100-meter radius the entire 24 hours of our wedding anniversary.

I invite you to join a particular discussion regarding the specific event.

Much love,

The Missus V

So, whatchathink? Do you think the husband will give in and drag me to some faraway island? I guess we just have to wait and see.

How about you? What do you usually do on your wedding anniversaries? Let me know in the comments!