Preparing for a Blog Conference

So, this mama is going to the big city to attend the mother of all blogging events here in the Philippines.

Can I hear a wooot!?

To say that I’m excited is truly an understatement because my goodness, I’ve been thinking about it since I got my confirmation email from the organizers!

I will finally get to see the awesome ladies from MBP! See you soon ladies!

I just hope I don’t get lost because the last time I went to Manila was when I was still one month preggo with my now 9 year old son. I will never forget that trip because I fainted inside a train. Gah. How embarrassing. Everything went black and I just plopped down onto the floor. The next thing I know, somebody was trying to shove a menthol candy into my mouth. Pffft.

But I digress.

I know that somebody out there is also fretting over his or her first blogging event.

“What should I do? What should I bring!!” <-that was me by the way, when I finally saw my blog on the list.

Worry no more. I have a list of things that every blog conference newbie should do/prepare before the event.

Blog Conference 101- Preparing for a Blogging Event

Blogging conferences from what I’ve heard is a great place to connect with other bloggers and with brands. If you are looking at growing your blog, go prepared so by the time you get there, all you need to do is meet new folks, learn as much as you can and have fun!

Preparing for a Blog Conference

The Basics

Preparing for a Blog Conference

Business cards. I heard this is THE most important thing for a blogger to bring along when going to conferences. Forget your shoes ladies but not this one. You will be meeting a lot of folks and chances are, you will not remember all their names/blogs/companies. Which means, there is also a very big chance that they will forget your name and blog too. You don’t want that to happen.

Smart Phone because, blogger. You would want to be able to take quick photos, take notes and post on your social media accounts. I don’t know about the other blogapalooza attendees but I plan to live tweet the event from start to finish, which means if you are following me on twitter, prepare for a sudden surge of nonsensical tweets from me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Camera and Laptop. Optional but you can go ahead and lug these two items especially if you run a photo blog or plan to join a workshop or something.

Charger, extra batteries and powerbanks. A blogger/social media influencer with a dead gadget is a frustrated blogger. Trust me. I know stuff.

Notebook and pens. So you can jot down important notes. And doodle if things get boring.

All Points Attack Plan

Research - Preparing for a Blog Conference

Research. Find out who the event sponsors and partner brands are. Check who you want to work with. Get to know them ahead by visiting their Facebook pages, websites and social media accounts and just get the feel of their marketing strategies. When you do get the chance to speak with them at the event, you will know exactly how to position your blog.

Check who are speaking at the event. Find out which ones you want to attend and which ones you can skip.

Get friendly. Connect with other bloggers who are going prior to the event. Nothing is sadder than a lonely blogger amidst all the fun at a conference. Don’t be a snob. Connect. I am just so glad that I belong to a group on FB where lots of the members are going. They give me tips since some of them have been to previous blogapalooza events and I cannot wait to see these ladies in person!

Update your blog and social media accounts. Since you will be meeting a lot of folks at the event, many of them may want to visit your site or follow you in your social media accounts. Make sure your social media icons are working and that your About Me page is up to date. It would be so confusing to a new friend to read that you have 2 kids when you clearly told them you have 5.

Be your blog’s best endorser.


Dress appropriately. You are representing your blog and you would want to look professional when connecting with brands and meeting other bloggers. Make sure that you are comfortable with whatever you will wear. Try to imagine yourself running, walking around the huge venue, taking photos of your lunch and having lots of fun with your new bloggy friends. Your clothes and your shoes should not get in the way and they should represent the real you. I have my getup picked out but if you need ideas on what to wear to a blog conference, Zalora Philippines has an amazing collection of dresses - link - that you can choose from.

Introducing yourself and your blog in 3 sentences. Blogapalooza will have around 500 bloggers plus the brand partners and staff. Needless to say, you will be asked who you are and where you blog numerous times. Come up with with  a short but brilliant introduction.

Relax. You’ve got this. The worst that can happen is you can’t find the restroom. Which by the way is the second thing that you should locate when you get to the venue. The first one? Fire exit. Third is food.

Have fun. The most important thing!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!


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*This is a sponsored post written by The Vanilla Housewife on behalf of Zalora Philippines.