I apologize if my monster eyes scared you.

To the lady at the mall who might have thought that my angry eyes (and the exasperated groan too) were meant for her. I sincerely apologize. They were meant for my kids who were driving me crazy but then you looked at me just as I was about to burst into a million of expletives. Your wide-eyed look averted the explosion actually (thank you for that!) but then all the negative energy in me tried to escape through my eyes and that was what you unfortunately saw.

Did I scare you?

Believe me, that was never my intention. I mean, I could have screamed and yelled and threw myself on the floor but then I had no time to do that because the mall was going to close in an hour and I still had eleventy billion things on my list. And apparently, adults aren’t allowed to do that anymore which just sucks.

It was supposed to be a wonderful afternoon, you know. Me, skipping around the mall, looking for the right shoes for the kids. I had imagined my husband following me with the 4-year-old. My 10-year-old son, pushing the cart. All of us smiling, laughing and so damn happy.

But lo and behold! They refused to follow my beautiful script.

What really happened?

There was total disregard of my fashion advice.

Shopping with Kids - They will always want the expensive  stuff

They had to remind me that I was not the boss.

Shopping with kids - Losing your shit

There was lack of cooperation.

Shopping with kids - Then there's the meltdown

But plenty of indecision.

Shopping with kids - Indecisions

And then there’s the husband.

Shopping with kids - Then you lose the kids.So you see, it was nothing personal. It was just me, shopping with the kids.

The next time you see me at the mall sporting my dagger eyes, please hold my hand and drag me to the nearest bar.