What’s Behind a Mom’s Facebook Post

According to the interwebs, about 300 million photos are posted on Facebook each day. This is not surprising to me anymore because social media has become such a part of our daily lives that it has become a habit to publicize our activities even down to the most trivial of things of our daily lives.

I joined Facebook back in 2009 and have uploaded 3622 photos since then, majority of which are photos of my kids and uhmm beer…?

Let me tell you this. Those cute photos of my family that I posted on Facebook that seemed like we were having the awesomest, funniest and best time of our lives? They all have back stories. Some crazy and many with WTF stories behind them.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

IMG_0630Caption: Here at Best Western Sandbar Resort. Look at my babies sleeping. So adorably cute!

“Oh my freaking goat! They finally fell asleep! I was just about to lose my shit!”
“Well, you actually kinda did.”

“Shut up.”
“Do you wanna grab a beer and hang out by the balcony?”
“Do you wanna?”
“Only if you wanna.”
“I don’t think I still wanna.”
“Thank goodness, I’m pooped, I just wanna lay down and sleep.”
“Me too. Goodnight!”

IMG_0496Caption: Lunch by the pool. #nomnom

“I fucking deserve this lunch and no, you may not have my fries. It’s your turn to watch the kids.”

IMG_0478Caption: This kid. So funny!

“Stop that! Just stop doing that!!!”

“WTF are you doing upside down?!”
“Wait, lemme take a photo.
“You still alive down there?!”
“If you live through that, Imma dunk your head under the water again!!!”


Caption: Managing a wild child. LOL

Reality: The kid whose hair I was holding made several attempts at jumping into the deep man-made lagoon and I just decided I wasn’t having any that shit anymore so I dragged her back to the pool away from the lagoon. The husband? Lovingly taking photos of me losing my shit.

What the hell dude, where’s the batman voice when I needed it?

IMG_0413Caption: Blurry but this is my favorite family photo!

“Hey! This looks like a great spot for a family photo!”

“You get down here at once!”
“I said do not move!”
“Ugh, okay let’s not do this anymore, this is nothing but a not-so-special-day so let’s not take a photo to remember this by!”
“WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THIS PHOTO! You come back here and smile for the camera, or else!”

Damn, it’s blurry.

“Kids! Come back here! We need another shot!”
“Stop acting like a monkey!”
“No, it’s not hot!”
“Yes, I know it’s hot so will you please stand still so we can get this done and over with?”
IMG_0412“Still blurry?!!! Fawk this shit. Let’s go back to the room.”

Now you see what I mean?

No family adventure is ever free from WTF moments. Mom will eventually lose her shit but that doesn’t mean we don’t love those crazy moments too. We cherish them as much as the smooth and peaceful ones.

Who am I kidding. Moms with small kids almost never have smooth and peaceful moments aside from bedtime, which by itself is a hit or miss. We love it anyway! Most of the time.

So next time you see a mom posting sweet and beautiful moments on social media, give her a virtual high five because you will never know how much it took to get that beautiful family photo. 😉