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Do you want to win a Cypress Spruce Christmas Tree With LED Lights ($249 Value!) from King of Christmas?

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to Christmas because my mom never failed to go crazy with the decorations. She would knit and sew and cut and paste and duct tape stuff all over the house. And our Christmas trees? You cannot believe the kinds of Christmas trees we’ve had over the years.

Since we live in a tropical country, there’s hardly any pine trees around and most of the time, people here buy artificial Christmas trees or get creative and make one using materials that are available around.

I remember when my mom made a Christmas tree out of coconut husks. That was the weirdest and most unique Christmas tree I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Then we also had a Christmas tree made out of chicken wire, one made out of dead twigs covered with shredded Styrofoam, then of sea shells, a knitted table-cloth. Can you imagine a table-cloth made into a Christmas tree? I don’t know how she did it but we had one!

Maybe this is the reason why I also go crazy during Christmas season. Because  I want the same magic that my mom gave me when I was a kid for my children. I want them to experience the glee of watching a bunch of dead twigs transform into a beautiful Christmas tree. I was so proud of it! I would turn the Christmas lights on and open the front door wide so that all of our neighbors would see it. Yep, I was that kind of kid.

I don’t really DIY our Christmas tree like my mom because (who got time for that?!) I use artificial Christmas trees but I let my kids help me decorate it (which really means they run around with the decorations while I yell my lungs out for them to stop) and I go all out with the garland. I love how I can take the tree down after Christmas (or after Valentine’s day) and keep it in storage for the following year. Saves money!

Honestly? I can’t wait for Halloween to be over so I can start decorating. I want to maximize the exposure because it’s not easy to climb on walls to pin stuff, you know.

On to the giveaway! King of Christmas are so generous because they are giving away a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree – Cypress Spruce Christmas Tree With LED Lights ($249 Value!) and another winner will win a $100 Gift card At

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