Hi, I’m Jhanis Vincentte!

I changed my Facebook Page name from The Vanilla Housewife to The Vanilla Housewife by Jhanis Vincentte. Why? Because I am trying to get verified on Facebook.

AND I thought it was about time that I stop hiding from my readers.

I have not posted any photo of me nor photos of my family over here because of so many fears.

I’m scared that people might steal my kids’ photos and claim them as their own but then I thought, HEY IF YOU WANNA CLAIM MY KIDS AS YOUR OWN ON SOCIAL MEDIA THEN YOU BETTER COME GET THEM BECAUSE I’M TIRED OF ALL THE CRYING AND FIGHTING!

There. That should scare them, right?

Then, there’s identity theft. Who am I kidding? What can people steal from me aside from my dignity? I have nothing on my weirdly spelled name except bills.

Also, I know that I once or twice mentioned somewhere on this blog that I am from the Philippines but I usually refer to my location on my posts as “third-world country” or Cebu or something else vague (as if people can’t Google Cebu!) because I am scared that many of my readers will turn their backs on me once they learn that I am a Filipino. There. I said it. I am scared shit to be discriminated on the interwebs. I’m Asian but for crying out loud, I don’t even have the chinky eyes to prove it! I just added my name on my Facebook page and I lost a handful of followers within minutes. That was what I was afraid of. But then again, why would I wan’t them to stay? My blog is about me and this is all I’ve got and if people will leave because of who I am, then.. maybe I’ll cry a bit, pull my big mama pants and say “Goodbye Felicia!” and move forward.

You might see some changes on the blog as well as on my Facebook page. I will be posting more photos moving forward. Maybe not a lot of my face because I’m still a little shy about my non-chinky Asian face but we’ll get there in time.

Why am I doing this now? Because I’m tired of hiding my identity from this blog. There have been so many things in the past that I wanted to share but didn’t because of these reasons but I’m done with that.

So let’s have an introduction do-over.

Hello, my name is Jhanis Vincentte Villadolid and I am an awesome motherblogger from Cebu City, Philippines.


If you are still here and have no plans of leaving, why don’t you tell me where you’re from!